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A sailboat anchors off the shore of Okanagan Mountain provincial park as a red glow saturates the sky and Okanagan Lake during a hazy summer sunset.A beautiful, orange sunset during autumn in the South Okanagan Valley as a Canadian Maple Leaf traps itself on the beach of Okanagan Lake.i) Smithii) C-26iii) Naramata, Autumn, Okanagan Lake, Giant's Head Mountaini) Smithii)C-1iii)Naramata, Okanagan Lake, Spring, Gian'ts Head Mountain, Okanagan Valley, Summerlandi)Smith ii)C-8888 iii)June sunsets in the Okanagan Valley never cease to impress as illustrated with this one over Okanagan Lake, taken from Wharf Park, Naramata iv) Digital Filei)Smith ii)C-0003 iii) A family enjoys an evening paddle as this epic summer sunset ignites the South Okanagan in a fiery spectacle. iv)Digital Filei) Smithii) C-8iii)Naramata, Spring, Okanagan Lake, Giant's Head Mountain, Mill Bay,i) Smith ii)C-5555 iii)A setting Sun lights up the historic "Train Docks" now known as Wharf Park in Naramata. iv) Digital File